About us

TDI is the home for those committed to protecting life and liberty within our communities. Led by proud IDF Combat Veterans and a team of security experts, we provide self defense solutions and tactical firearm training as we organize to protect what we value most.


Our Mission

Tactical Defense Initiative is a grassroots organization founded in response to growing threats of anti-Semitism, with a vision to secure the life, property and values of the Jewish community in and around the  New York metropolitan area. Through first-rate firearm training and the organization of a visible protective and security presence, TDI aims to defend Jewish lives and institutions against the increasing danger of anti-Semitism and violent crime.

A Call to Arms

We live in a turbulent time. Threats – new and old – face Jewish communities around the globe. After a recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks nationally, a growing number of Jewish citizens have begun to realize the need for proper self-defense. In 2019, a fearless group of second-amendment enthusiasts, led by a former IDF officer and ace-firearm trainer, set out to serve the needs of these community members. Through the Tactical Defense Initiative, they have made a home for Jewish gun owners to master necessary firearm skills and perfect their craft for the purpose of protecting and defending their families and communities.

Strength in Numbers

The welcomed increase in gun ownership and focus on self-defense has led to the formation of local citizen-defense groups, prepared to deploy for the protection of their neighborhoods. These highly trained and well-armed individuals serve as a deterrent to those who seek to harm the Jewish community and sends a strong message that we will not live in fear and cowardice.