Tactical CQB Rifle
$300 to $450

May 14, 20225 - 7 Hours
Age: 18 & older
$300 to $450

Tactical CQB Rifle

This course is appropriate for those with at least some experience with defensive rifles. It introduces the more experienced shooter to the next level of rifle handling and use.

The course includes:

*Breathing techniques

*Malfunction drills

*Achieving accurate, rapid semi-auto fire

*Shooting while advancing on a target

*Shooting while under stress

*Rapid reloads

*Basic Krav Maga using the rifle as a hand-to-hand defensive weapon

*Shooting in low-light conditions

*Shooting around obstacles

*Clearing corners and basic CQB

This course will focus on iron sights, but will also include use of holographic sights such as the Mepro M21, as well as the Trijicon ACOG.

The first part of the course will take place in the classroom and will include theory and dry-fire drills. After a 1-hr lunch break, we will do several hours of live fire training on the range.

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